Gua Sha Crystal Massage Tool
Gua Sha Crystal Massage Tool
Gua Sha Crystal Massage Tool
Gua Sha Crystal Massage Tool
Gua Sha Crystal Massage Tool

Gua Sha Crystal Massage Tool

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Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool, in Amethyst & Rose Quartz Crystals ~ Eases tension & stress ~ Supports lymphatic drainage & Improves Circulation ~ Decreases puffiness & Boosts radiance & glow ~ Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese massage practice for energy flow and blood circulation. ~ Use on Face & Body. ~ Amethyst crystals provide calm & tranquility, promotes creativity & stimulates pleasant dreams. It balances the chakras and eases mental stress & anxiety. ~Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love.

What the heck is Gua Sha…pronounced Gua Sa?  An oddly shaped piece of rose quartz looks simple- and it is – but what it does is simply amazing. Part of an ancient Chinese tradition – some call it the “Eastern Botox”, Gua Sha is anything but new and nothing short of face-changing.


Gua Sha, technically means “scraping”, but don’t be afraid of the term. This is a gentle, kind and epically healthy practice to use on your face and neck to improve circulation, firm, reduce inflammation and help drain the lymphatic system reducing puffiness while pushing toxins out. It even improves dark circles, under eye bags and skin discolorations including acne and rosacea.

Long, ancient story short…your skin will look better, brighter, firmer and clearer. Gua-ranteed.  It’s easy and once you get the hang of it - only takes a few minutes…

Here are the steps:

  1. Apply your favorite face oil and begin by gently dragging the flat end of the tool in an outward  and upward motion using a combination of 3-5 long and short strokes.
  2. Third eye. Stroke from the middle of your eyebrows and up to your hairline to activate healing.
  3. Lower forehead. Sweep from the center of the forehead above your eyebrows going out to your temples.
  4. Under eyebrow. Use the curved part of your Gua Sha stone to scrape the area underneath your eyebrow and above your eye.
  5. Under eyes. Lightly stroke the area where eye bags form starting from the side of your nose up toward your temple moving the stagnant lymph from the middle of your face to your hairline.
  6. Cheek. Do the same sweeping motion from the side of nose, across cheek and up again to the middle of ear.
  7. Mouth. Sweep from mouth upward to your ear.
  8. Under chin. Scrape from the soft area under your chin (we all have one) to the bottom of jawline.
  9. Neck. Scrape from your jaw and earlobe down to the middle of collarbone.
  10. Finish by sweeping from the center of your forehead right under your hairline down to your temple, down to your ear until you reach your neck. Do this several times for a final clean sweep of the lymphatic system.

 Basic Clothing Size Chart

Size USA
Bust (in) Waist (in) Hip (in)
XS 0-2 29-31 22-24 30-32
S 4-6 32-35 25-27 34-36
M 8-10 36-37 28-29 38-40
L 12-14 38-39 30-34 42-44
XL 16 40-42 35-38



BUST – Measure around the fullest part of your bust

WAIST – Measure around the narrowest part of your torso

LOW HIP – With your feet together, measure around the fullest part of your hips/rear

THIGH – With legs slightly apart, measure around the fullest part of your thigh.


Shoe Sizing Chart:

                                         US Size           European Size

                                             5-5.5                   36

                                             6-6.5                   37

                                             7-7.5                   38

                                             8                         39

                                             8.5-9                   40

                                             9.5                      41

                                             10                       42

How to order the right size cowboy boot:

  • When in doubt, go with your current shoe size. Most cowboy boots run true to size and because of the high quality leather, boots need to be worn in.
  • If you fall between two sizes, order the larger size because you can always wear thicker boot socks for a better fit and feel.
  • Know your shoe width, which is usually similar to your current shoe width.   A= narrow B=Medium/Average C=Wide

Boot Dilemmas:

  • I have athletic calves: Boots with a shaft of 12" or smaller would be the best bet for the perfect boot.
  • I have one foot bigger than the other: Consider purchasing boots that match your larger foot size and wear a thicker sock and insole in the boot of your smaller foot
  • I am flat footed: Boots with a shorter heel and rounded or square toe would be your best bet.
  • My foot has a high arch: Boots with a zipper entry are easier to put on and allow for you to insert a needed insole.

Over time, the leather will mold to your foot and be the boots you never want to take off!